Don has sold a LOT of cartoons in his career. Each numbered cartoon or illustration on the left side of this Blog is from a DIFFERENT magazine, newspaper, etc. Let's see if we can find out the total number of publications (places) where Don's work has appeared . . . . . (An unnumbered posting is a duplicate publication.)

# 15 Leatherneck

Don was in the Navy (see pictures in the right column), but he could see humor in the military no matter what branch. Leatherneck Magazine, for Marines of course, was a good cartoon market for Don in the 60s. Though he isn't doing much in the way of specialized gags these days, Leatherneck is still using cartoons. This one was published in December 1967.

Don was in the Navy from 1945-1949. He started out on two destroyer escorts, the U.S.S. Roberts and the U.S.S. Frybarger. Then he transferred to the base at Green Cove Springs, Florida, where he worked for Public Information. He drew a cartoon strip for the St. John's Inlander, a naval weekly paper which went to the fleet. The strip was called "Cyphers." It was about a toothless, boozing, old salt who nonetheless was liked by the girls on shore.

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