Don has sold a LOT of cartoons in his career. Each numbered cartoon or illustration on the left side of this Blog is from a DIFFERENT magazine, newspaper, etc. Let's see if we can find out the total number of publications (places) where Don's work has appeared . . . . . (An unnumbered posting is a duplicate publication.)

22. 101 Pickle Jokes

The first cartoon book Don illustrated was Bob Vlasic's 101 Pickle Jokes . . . guaranteed to pickle your funny bone! The front cover joke is: Who's the toughest pickle in Dodge City? (Marshal Dill). The back cover joke is: What's green and soars through the air? (Jonathan Livingston Pickle). Remember Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

This paperback joke book started a string of approximately 35 joke books illustrated by Don. (More on the others some day.) Meanwhile, here's a joke from between the covers: Who was that pickle-o I saw you with last night? That was no pickle, that was my fife!

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