Don has sold a LOT of cartoons in his career. Each numbered cartoon or illustration on the left side of this Blog is from a DIFFERENT magazine, newspaper, etc. Let's see if we can find out the total number of publications (places) where Don's work has appeared . . . . . (An unnumbered posting is a duplicate publication.)

71. Male Call (For the Serviceman Overseas)

Male Call was a 12-page (at least the copy we have) publication. So the page to the left from the September 1971 issue is one-twelfth of the magazine! Plus it contains three "filler" cartoons. The page measures 11" x 13" and had to be copied in two sections for reproduction here, so pardon the "skew." Do click on the image to view cartoon captions.

The blurb on Don says:
Don Orehek studied cartooning at the School of Industrial Arts, then after a four-year hitch in the Navy, attended the School of Visual Arts. Since 1956 he has been selling to most of the major national magazines. A member of the National Cartoonists Society and Magazine Cartoonists Guild, he flew to Vietnam in 1966 and was personally thanked by President Johnson for his efforts in boosting the morale of the wounded Servicemen.

A disclaimer at the bottom of every page reads: Published by W. B. Bradbury Co., a private firm. Opinions expressed by the publishers and writers herein are their own and are not to be considered an official expression by any Military Department. The appearance of advertisements in this publication does not constitute an endorsement by any Military Department of the products or services advertised.

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