Don has sold a LOT of cartoons in his career. Each numbered cartoon or illustration on the left side of this Blog is from a DIFFERENT magazine, newspaper, etc. Let's see if we can find out the total number of publications (places) where Don's work has appeared . . . . . (An unnumbered posting is a duplicate publication.)

97. Marriage

We don't remember much about a pocket-size magazine called Marriage. We do know they printed at least four of Don's cartoons in 1969 and 1970. The one above was in the September 1969 issue. The format was a cartoon on the bottom half of the page topped by the continuation of an article. A snippet from one article tells us how much things have changed since 1969. Here's a quote, lest you doubt.
". . . Whatever a company's policy is with regard to wives, it must be admitted that women figure more importantly than they used to because social and business relations are becoming harder to separate. . . What else do most companies look for in a employee's wife? Independence seems to be a prime factor. . . The wife should attempt to understand the stresses and challenges of her husband’s job. If she doesn’t, endless problems can result, especially if she has a tendency to nag.”

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