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Presentation to 18th Surgical Hospital Reunion

From Sept. 17-20, 2009, Don and wife Suzy were in San Antonio, Texas for the 18th Surgical Hospital Reunion. This is how it came about that they attended a very interesting get together.

In August 1966 Don and two other cartoonists traveled to Vietnam under the auspices of the National Cartoonists Society and the U.S. Department of Defense to entertain wounded American and South Vietnamese soldiers with caricatures and chalk talks. This was the first time cartoonists went into a war zone.

Nurse Pat in Pleiku at the 18th Surgical Hospital (a MASH unit) remembered Don after all these years and even saved the caricature he did of her. (It now resides in a museum in her home state of Michigan.) Recently when the Army surgeons and nurses were planning a reunion, Pat decided to ask Don to be a guest speaker to talk about his career and his trip to Vietnam. Don’s talk was aided by a presentation created by Suzy. (See below.) It includes pictures of Don as a sailor when he first thought of a career in cartooning, some of his early work, pictures from Vietnam, a picture of Don with President Johnson (he invited the three cartoonists to the White House to thank them for entertaining the troops), and, of course, several of Don’s funniest. Don also did caricatures of most everyone in attendance—there were thirty-six there. (Some cartoons in the presentation appear elsewhere in this blog.)

The cartoonists who went with Don to Vietnam were Jack Rosen and Jon Nielsen. The trip was coordinated by Jack Tippit who was Chairman, Overseas Tours Committee, National Cartoonists Society. Jack also was a colonel in the Air Force and the creator of the syndicated panel “Amy.”

The cartoonists visited eleven locations in Vietnam including the USS Repose, a hospital ship. They did approximately three thousand caricatures in one month, profiles only as that was faster than front view. Don and Jack Rosen, after Vietnam, went to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, then on to Hawaii for more caricatures and some R & R.

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