Don has sold a LOT of cartoons in his career. Each numbered cartoon or illustration on the left side of this Blog is from a DIFFERENT magazine, newspaper, etc. Let's see if we can find out the total number of publications (places) where Don's work has appeared . . . . . (An unnumbered posting is a duplicate publication.)

Cavalier & Cavalier

This posting isn't numbered as Cavalier is already represented in Don's blog. However, we repeated the magazine name in this posting's title because Cavalier printed the cartoon twice full page. The only difference in the two times is that one had a pink background. Guess, the editor really loved the gag as do we. We think the printings were in May 1972 and April 1974. Don did get paid twice, but half as much the second time.
Anyone who doesn't know the inspiration for this cartoon -- we'll just have to refer you to Shakespeare's Richard the Third, Act V, Scene IV.

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