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1000 Jokes - Cartoon # 17

Here in New York we had a hint of spring last Friday when the temperature hovered just below 70 degrees. It reminds us that spring is truly right around the corner, and with it lemonade stands will pop up in a lot of neighborhoods though the prices will definitely be higher than when Don did this cartoon for Dell's 1000 Jokes, published in August 1968.

Caption: "The Lo-cal is cheaper because there's no sugar in it!"

Don and Suzy had an experience with "Lo-cal" lemonade in Udine, Italy in 1974. At a breakfast bar in the hotel where they were staying a lot of dapper Italian men were ordering lemon juice. Suzy thought she would try one. The only problem was that she hadn't noticed the Italians dumping tons of sugar into their glasses. She took a big swallow, and - well - guess she looked like the man in Don's cartoon!

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